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Dr. Zeev Ram Dental Clinic
Non-surgical periodontal treatment – that's us!

Dr. Ram Periodontology Clinic
specializes in treating gum disease using advanced non-invasive treatment technologies, preventing the need for unnecessary painful gums surgeries.
In addition to its international reputation in the Periodontology field, Dr. Zeev Ram Clinic is a specialist clinic, offering a multi-systemic solution from the best specialists in the various fields of dentistry, including dental implants, oral and maxillofacial surgery, prosthodontics, root canal treatments, aesthetic treatments, teeth whitening , dental care for children, bad breath treatment and dental hygienist.
Ongoing consultation and professional collaboration among all the dentists in the clinic assures a full and comprehensive treatment. A comprehensive view of the patient is the key for the correct, best and most appropriate dental care for each patient personally.
Technological innovation, extensive professional experience and personal attention to each patient
This combination is what makes the clinic one of the leaders in the country and even in the world!
Using innovative treatment methods rather than the traditional, invasive and painful methods, and Dr. Ze'ev Ram's extensive knowledge and experience, allow a different kind of dentistry.
Unique equipment and exclusive technology allow treatment without unnecessary surgery, without pain and without suffering, with a quality of life that allows each patient to smile.

”There is no other clinic such as this” - dedicated personal care, attention to details and genuine caring are the extra ingredient that keeps patients loyal to the clinic.
An innovative and breakthrough approach for treatment of gum disease - without surgery, anesthesia, pain and suffering!
Since 1978, Dr. Ram Periodontology Clinic focuses on unique periodontal treatments, whose results are similar and sometimes better than the results obtained in traditional treatments, such as root planing, deep cleaning, flap surgery or pockets reducing surgery.
The clinic has specialized equipment that allows treating most cases, without the need for anesthesia or periodontal surgery.

  • Vibrating wooden toothpick - a unique tool for the clinic (patented and certified by the CE, FDA and the Ministry of Health), designed to treat severe gums cases and extremely sensitive patients, allows treatment without the need for local anesthetic injections. The treatment using the vibrating toothpick is performed at the clinic by the dental hygienist and / or the specialist, as well as by the patient at home, as part of the daily cleaning and maintenance.
  • Ultrasonic toothpick – unique to the clinic (patented and certified by the CE, FDA and the Ministry of Health).The only device in the world designed for the treatment, maintenance and cleaning of gums around implants. Particularly suitable for the treatment of severe and neglected chronic gum disease. This type of treatment is best suited for patients with very sensitive gums, with a low pain threshold, who are afraid of dental treatments. Treatment with the ultrasonic toothpick is performed without local anesthetic injections and without pain!
  • Ultrasonic device particularly gentle, customizable and adjustable for each patient according to their sensitivity threshold and the state of the gums.
Our clinic does not use, in any case, manual instruments, which may damage the tooth and the gum tissue and cause great sensitivity of the teeth, during treatment and afterwards.
The unique devices in our clinic allow us to personally tailor the treatment to each patient and to achieve maximum healing, painlessly and without the need for local anesthetic injections.

We place great emphasis on the patient's own part of the treatment. Daily treatment done by the patient using the "Shinanoa " (vibrating toothpick) will prevent the need for periodontal surgery, in most cases, and will reduce the number of dental cleaning appointments.
All oral hygiene accessories that exists in the market today are designed to clean above the gum line (Supra Gingival), which means cleaning the visible part of the tooth (from the gum line to the crown), while our clinic emphasize cleaning "under the gum line (Sub Gingival) from the gum line to the tooth root, which is the hidden part of the tooth that creates the periodontal pockets (periodontal pocket is the space between the tooth and the gums). Most of the colonies of bacteria that cause chronic inflammatory response settle in this area. Pockets cleaning is done effectively only by "Shinanoa", which is designed to enter into the pockets and clean them.
The Shinanoa includes special (Japanese) gum picks without a sharp tip (truncated), intended to enter into the space between the tooth and the gums (the pocket) without damaging the delicate gum tissue, tooth or dental implants.
All toothpicks on the market are designed for cleaning the teeth from the gum line to the tooth crown, in the visible portion of the tooth only, and are not suitable for pockets cleaning.
To schedule an appointment call: 9476830-08
The clinic staff:

Dr. Oren Peleg - Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist
Dr. Odelia Lachmanovich - Children Dentistry specialist
Dr. Osnat Caesar - Endodontics Specialist
Dr. Eleanor Ginsburg - Prosthodontics Specialist
Dr. Ze'ev Ram - Gum disease and Endodontics specialist
Dr. Adi Ram-Adini- general dentist
Dr. Einav Hirschhorn - Prosthodontics Specialist
Mrs. Edith Berger - certified dental hygienist
Ms. Pnina Stenstein - certified dental hygienist
Ms. Lena Avramson - certified dental hygienist
Ms. Adi Lapis - certified dental hygienist
Dr. Ram Periodontology Clinic
Dr. Ram Periodontology Clinic
Dr. Ram Periodontology Clinic
Dr. Ram Periodontology Clinic

Address: Oppenheimer7, Science Park, Rehovot
Telephone: 08-9476830, 08-9476276
Fax: 08-9460966