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Children Dentistry

Children Dentistry - Dr. Odelia Lachmanovitz

You can't fool children. If they feel good and comfortable, they will cooperate and will gladly come to the dentist, and acquire good dental hygiene habits to protect their teeth for a lifetime.

Baby teeth have many important functions, such as chewing, aesthetics (beautiful smile), phonetics (pronunciation of words) and saving the place for the permanent teeth that will replace them. The last baby teeth fall out at around the age of 12 years, so it is important to take care of these teeth.

Damage ("cavity") in baby tooth causes the child pain and discomfort, and may even damage the permanent tooth that develops beneath it. In severe cases, baby tooth infection can also develop complications (absece), so it is important to follow-up and treat baby teeth.

Our clinic believes that prevention is the best way to maintain oral and dental tissues. That is why we invest heavily in the correct diagnosis, prevention treatments such as fluoride and dental sealants, and oral hygiene maintenance instruction.

Children are not small adults, and we give them special attention and age-appropriate explanations to create a trust relationship between the dentist and the child, which bring the cooperation of the child and for easy and comfortable treatment.

In cases where the child has difficulty in receiving dental care, we have a number of tools to help him pass the required treatment in a pleasant and relaxed manner, using behavioral methods and “laughing gas" (Nitrous Oxide).
Children Dentistry
Children and Adolescents Dentistry Specialists

All treatments at the clinic are performed by Dr. Odelia Lachmanovitz, children and adolescents dentistry specialist, graduate of Hadassah Jerusalem, who believes that the dentist, parent and child are equal participants in the treatment, and that when children receive good dental they gain positive attitude for dentistry for life.

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