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Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienist treatments

Dental hygienist treatments are the most important in dental treatment!

Hygienist treatments cure and prevent the development of gum disease, and provide an effective way for the treatment and protection of the gums and teeth. In our clinic, professional hygienist treatments are an integral part of the periodontal disease treatment program. In the clinic we have a team of competent, professional and highly experienced dental hygienists who are trained to treat using the most advanced tools available.
Dental hygienist treatments in the clinic are done using:
Vibrating wooden toothpick, the "Shinanoa ".

Ultrasonic vibrating wooden toothpick, adjustable according to the patient sensitivity and the condition of the gums.

The Ultrasonic device is particularly delicate and adjustable according to the patient's needs.

Advanced technology helps effective healing without surgery.

In our clinic we do not use, under any circumstances, manual devices (scalars) that can harm the surfaces of the teeth and the soft tissue.

In our clinic, the patient takes an active part in therapy through daily cleaning of the gum pockets with The Shinanoa – an advanced and revolutionary device, which stops active periodontal disease and prevents progress and development of new periodontal disease.

The Shinanoa is the only device in the world which is designed to clean below the gum line, with effectiveness which is not achieved by any other method or device currently in use. It achieves excellent results and faster healing than any other treatment.

Combined with hygienist treatments, according to the patient's needs, this is a particularly efficient way to achieve significant healing and prevent surgery and suffering.

Make no mistake - dental hygienist treatment does not supposed to hurt!

In our clinic we do not normally use injectable anesthetic as part of dental treatment because the instruments at our disposal are particularly delicate and adjustable to each patient. The treatment is completely painless -  during or after the treatment. If necessary, we use topical anesthetic cream or anesthetic mouthwash during treatment.

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Dental hygienist treatments
Dental hygienist treatments
Dental hygienist treatments

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