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Dr. Ram Periodontology Clinic is an Oral health specialists Clinic, Specializes in treating gum disease using advanced non-invasive treatment technologies. The clinic also offers multi-systemic solution from the best specialists in the various fields of dentistry. Thanks to the professional collaboration, the clinic achieves a comprehensive view of the patient, allowing it to provide a full and comprehensive care, and to provide the patient the correct, best and most appropriate dental treatment.
  • Dentalimplants
  • Oraland Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Prosthodontics
  • Rootcanals
  • Aesthetictreatments
  • TeethWhitening
  • DentalCare for Children
  • Badbreath treatment
  • Dentalhygienist
  • and more
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Address: Oppenheimer7, Science Park, Rehovot
Telephone: 08-9476830, 08-9476276
Fax: 08-9460966
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