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Periodontal Treatments

Gum diseases are the most common diseases in the world. These are chronic inflammatory diseases and in most cases they cause damage to the body without warning signs (such as pain). Most diseases begin in the gum tissue, and can invade deeper tissues and damage the tissues that support the teeth and anchor them to the jaw.
Untreated gum diseases have been shown that affects the health of the whole body. People with gum disease are twice as likely to suffer a heart attack, osteoporosis, premature birth and low birthweight newborn. People with gum disease are at high risk of stroke and cancer of the mouth. There is even a new study suggesting a link between gum disease and decline in sexual function.
All these and other health risks are caused by the passage of bacteria from the diseased gums into the bloodstream, so gum infection may be local, but may have a widespread effect on the functioning of the whole body.
This is not a "disease of the elderly"! Gum diseases can begin at an early age.
Important to know - gum diseases are communicable and have a genetic background!
Do you have gum disease?
The main clinical signs of gum disease are:
1.   Redness
2.   Unpleasant breath and taste
3.   Swelling
4.   Bleeding on contact
5.   Inflammation
6.   Mobility and movement of teeth out of position
7.   Discomfort and difficulty chewing or talking
Do not wait for the appearance of all signs. A single sign should be checked by periodontal medicine specialist.
Gum diseases are treatable and stoppable, although in most cases it's not possible to recover all damaged tissue, hence the great importance of early detection and treatment.
Revolutionary treatment of gum disease - without surgery, pain and suffering!
Dr. Ze'ev Ram, Periodontal specialist, has developed an exclusive and revolutionary treatment method for gum disease that allows avoiding unnecessary and difficult periodontal surgery. Gum disease treatment plan under method Dr. Ram is composed of 3 main stages:
The first phase, called "initial preparation" is intended to stop the inflammation and heal the gums. This step is carried out mainly by the dental hygienist, in addition to antibiotic therapy and adjusting the personal oral hygiene habits depending on the disease and the patient. Through the use of and especially gentle, innovative technology, Dr. Ram's clinic is succeeding in stopping active gum disease in a non-invasive manner.
The second phase is repairing the damages caused by the disease and creating new conditions that will prevent its returns.
The third phase is the ongoing maintenance of healthy gums, both by the patients themselves and by dental hygienist and the Periodontal specialist. Without the daily maintenance phase, the gum disease will develop again due to its chronic nature.
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Dr. Ram - periodontal treatment expert
Dr. Ram - periodontal treatment expert
Dr. Ram - periodontal treatment expert

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