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Prosthodontics and Aesthetics


Prosthodontics - Dr. Eleanor Ginsburg, Prosthodontics specialist

Prosthodontics is a thorough and extensive treatment in the cavity of the mouth, and it includes a number of treatments:
1. Periodontal treatments, which are the foundation of any dental work.
2 .Root canals, fillings, crowns, bridges and partial or complete dentures.
3. Treatments for jaw closure and the temporomandibular joint
4. Treatments to improve the functioning of the mouth
5. Rehabilitation with dental Implants
6. Aesthetic treatments
7. Maintenance and prevention

Prosthodontics is performed in collaboration with several specialists in the clinic from various fields of dentistry, who professionally coordinate treatment plan and its implementation, while ensuring the best results for each patient.

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Prosthodontics and aesthetics
The primary goal of aesthetic dental treatments is to improve the appearance of the face, the smile, the mouth and teeth. Sometimes a change in the vertical plane is essential so that the teeth will look during speech and smile as they did when we were young. There is a very rich selection today of methods and materials in shades and colors that allow individual choice of tooth structure, location and color, and adjusting them according to our wishes for the best results.
Sometimes orthodontic should be integrated as part of the aesthetic treatment, in order to restore teeth to their original position and fix them by splint. The shade of the teeth can be modified by coating, teeth whitening, crowns and bridges of various types and from different materials. The return of the broad smile will restore our self- confidence and our inner happiness.
Do not hesitate to enhance your look, smile and feelings!
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Let's smile from the heart with a white teeth and gleaming white smile
White teeth affect the face, they make you look younger and allow you to smile with confidence. You can upgrade your look quickly and easily, and receive a bright, well-kept and impressive smile. No wonder that the popularity of teeth whitening is soaring in recent years, as technology advances and research prove the effectiveness and safety of the treatment.

In fact, there are currently three main, highly effective methods for teeth whitening:

Teeth whitening at home
using personal trays. The tray is mold that is personally made in the clinic according to the unique jaw structure of each person. The tray is filled with bleaching material and the patient places trays on the teeth at home.

Teeth whitening within an hour (!) using "Bright Smile” method: performed by the dentist at the clinic.

Integrated teeth whitening - Teeth whitening at home using personal trays combined with "Bright Smile" method performed at the clinic. The integrated whitening has the best results and its impact lasts longer. Integrated teeth whitening is the method recommended by us.

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