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Root Canal

Root canal - Dr. Osnat Caesar, Endodontics specialist
Root canal - only with a specialist!

When the pulp (the living tissue inside the tooth) is compromised by infection or injury, it is necessary to remove the inflamed tissue from the tooth, disinfect the root canals and seal them to prevent the development of infection, so the tooth can continue to function as any other tooth in the mouth. 

Root treatment is usually performed in two steps:

In the first treatment, the dentist cleans and expands the root canal, leaving disinfectant material in the canals.

In the second treatment, the dentist feels the canals with resin (gutta-percha), which seals the canals and prevents recurrence of the infection. The root treatment ends with a temporary filling.

After the end of the root treatment, the tooth has to be rebuilt according to the amount of remaining tooth material, using filling and / or crown.

Root canal treatment is carried out in full in our clinic by a specialist dentist with extensive experience in performing root canals. 

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Root canals

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