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Gum diseases are causing loss of connective tissues that support the teeth and jaws. The loss of the anchoring causes an increase in mobility, shifting of teeth from their position and gaps between them. In this case, the teeth cannot withstand normal chewing forces. With the progress of gum disease, tooth mobility increases as well as destruction of the supporting tissues. The position of the teeth in the jaws varies and it becomes impossible to chew or take a bite with the teeth. Normal chewing forces cause further destruction, a condition requiring tooth extraction and construction of alternative rehabilitation.

Although the teeth are defined as "lost", in many cases (though not always) splints can be used to tie the "lost" teeth, and thus leave them in the mouth for many years with function similar to ordinary healthy teeth.

Our clinic has unique methods for splints, with decades of experience and hundreds of happy patients having had splint of the teeth and leaving them in the mouth.

Patients whose teeth are precious to them can in most cases splint the mobile teeth to one stable dental arch, and leave them in the mouth functioning for many years. Sometimes, missing teeth can be also completed with the splint.

This is a conservative treatment without surgery and without implants!

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