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Treatment of bad breath

Odor treatment - Dr. Ze'ev Ram, periodontal medicine specialist
Did you know? About 25% of the people in the world suffer from bad breath (Halitosis). This problem is common in children and adolescents as well. People with bad breath are not always aware of the problem. Bad breath is an intimate human problem causing social ostracism, self-image problems and difficult and problematic life.
Advertisements are often misleading about the source of bad breath and its treatment. People invest very large sums of money to get rid of bad breath with a variety of devices, but the treatment they receive is cosmetic only and is not addressing the source of the problem, which remains as it is, and thus requires use of pharmaceutical products throughout life.
It's hard for us to small our own breath. Studies have shown that 86% - 90% of bad breath originates in the mouth itself, while only 1% from the stomach and digestive system.
Bad breath stem from bacterial metabolism and protein degradation, which form sulfur compounds (Methyl mercaptan and sulfides) that smalls bad and are toxic to tissues. Other factors contributing to bad breath are decrease in the amount or quality of the saliva.
Do you have bad breath?
Objective measurement of the intensity of bad breath is performed in our clinic by a special device called Halimeter.
You can deal with the causes of bad breath and eliminate them
Bad breath treatment is performed in our clinic by Dr. Ram, in three stages:
  • Diagnosing the source of the bad breath using smell Halimeter.
  • Search for the causes of bad breath by checking oral cavity tissue, pharynx, gums pockets, teeth and tongue.
  • Removal of the causes for bad breath.

Most often, bad breath is caused by bacteria colonies in gums pockets, tongue, compression and storage of food between the teeth and tooth decay (caries). Therefore, treatment of gum pockets, the back of the tongue and teeth will solve the problem in most cases. Our treatment method can easily solve bad breath problem and prevent its return.
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Treatment of bad breath

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